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Feb. 13th, 2011

[Asylum] Samus One Girl in All the World

Constructive Criticism (The Facility)

Concrit post for a_facility. Anon posting is on, IP tracking is off. Comment here to let me know ways I can improve my playing, or even just drop a compliment or something.

May. 28th, 2009

[Asylum] Samus Fall Apart

Metroid Fusion Transcript: Adam's Revelation

Adam: Samus, we're done here. Leave the rest to the Federation. We should be preparing to evacuate the station.
Samus: Are you joking?! Do they know how dangerous the X are? How quickly they reproduce?
Adam: The Federation has taken an interest in the X and SA-X. They believe this lifeform has endless potential applications.
Samus: This is ridiculous! The X are heartless abominations! What potential could they have?
Adam: It is not necessary that you understand such matters. The Federation is coming now. You should just leave quietly...
Samus: This is madness! They won't stand a chance here! This station will devour them! What could be worth the risk?!
Adam: Capturing the SA-X, of course.
Samus: ...Are you serious? Do they really think they can succeed?
Adam: It will certainly be difficult. They don't expect your help. They knew you would try to destroy the SA-X. That's why they stopped sending you support data. The Plasma Beam modification was ready some time ago, but they withheld to keep you from engaging the SA-X. Yet you somehow restored that function on your own. They also tried to withhold the Diffusion Missile upgrade, because they didn't want you to grow too powerful. But they had already sent it, you and tracked it down... Bravo, Samus.
Samus: They must cancel this mission! Open a channel to HQ! I won't let this happen!
Adam: They are already on their way.
Samus: Fools...
Samus' Journal: As soon as the Federation ships land, the X will overwhelm them and absorb the knowledge and power of their occupants. The X are just waiting for the hunt to begin, and then they'll spread across the universe. Galactic civilization will end. The X hunger for form, knowledge, and power. They mimic these perfectly. But they cannot copy the soul. They're single-minded, instinctively seeking to increase in number. They're a plague, and the Federation underestimates their threat. The X must not leave here. I must destroy them all before the Federation arrives. This station has a self-destruct mechanism. I must use it to destroy the X here and on the planet. I must send them to oblivion. Them, the station, and myself, if I have to.
Samus: Open the hatch!
Adam: I have been ordered to confine you until the ships arrive.
Samus: Don't let them do this. Can't you see what will happen, Adam?
*Music stops*
Adam: ...Adam?
Samus: ......
Adam: ...Who is Adam?
Samus: ...A friend of mine.
Adam: What would this...friend advise you to do now?
Samus: He would know that the only way to end this is to start the self-destruct cycle. He'd know how important it is...
*Music starts again*
Adam: Did this "Adam" care for you? Would he sit in a safe Command Room and order you to die?
Samus: He would understand that some must live and some must die. He knew what it meant. He made that sacrifice once.
Adam: So he chose life for you? Our fair warrior, Samus Aran... Your Adam gave his life so that you might keep yours... For the sake of the universe...
Samus: .......
Adam: How foolish.
Samus: How dare you! How could you hope to understand, machine?
Adam: You know that detonating this station in high orbit would not guarantee the complete extinction of the X parasites, even though the station would be utterly destroyed... You would only succeed in removing the one obstacle to the galaxy's ruin...yourself. You would ignore this simple fact and choose death. When Adam decided who would live, he chose incorrectly.
Samus: ...!
*Music stops*
Adam: ...If you were to alter the station's orbit, then you might be able to include the planet in the vaporization field of the self-destruct detonation.
Samus: ...?
Adam: You would have to start the propulsion sequence now. Before the Federation arrives. Samus, this is your last mission. Go to the Operations Room and adjust the station's orbit path to intercept SR388.
*Triuphant music starts*
*Cut scene of Samus widening her eyes behind her visor*
Adam: Then return to your ship and escape. Move quickly and stay alive. That's an order! Any objections, Lady?
*Map reveals hidden path to the Operations Room*

Dec. 21st, 2008

[Asylum] Samus Bed Sad

[AP] Seven Haunted Dreams

On the seventh day of Christmas, the Asylum gave all of the patients seven horrible nightmares in succession, with the bonus of full recollection once the patients finally woke up. It was the worst night of sleep of all the patients' lives.

Samus' Seven DreamsCollapse )